We're back with the OG cast and crew. Andrew and Mouse debate what they should do about Selim. Will she abandon The Little Ones on the eve of their grand escape? Is it better for everyone if she does? We shall see my fellow Little Ones.

In other news, we hope to have some fun new content and schwag soon. We hope to get the Patreon up and running which means you will get to hear more from Josh and I. A monthly podcast/chat session, original art by Josh and an expanded Mythology Storybook! WOOT, WOOT! Hop on board for some ATIL macabre fun. Josh is itching to draw some gore...so you got that to look forward to!


Week #4

Another week and another page. With this page, we leave The Boy and his amulet in the dark depths of The Nursery. A new region of The Manor not under the purview of The Matron but another more horrid creature The Night Beast. Next week we return to Selim, Mouse and the rest of The Little Ones. This weekend Josh and I will be doing our first comic con featuring ATIL! Anyone one in the Columbus, OH area come say hello at The Northland Performing Arts Center.


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Thanks for reading and See You In The Halls!


Week #2

Another week and another page deeper into ATIL. First, we'd like to welcome a brand new character to the mix known now only as The Boy. Though his purpose is still unknown we find him deep in The Manor far beyond the candlelight and warmth of The Matron's Withering Halls. If not for his amulet he would be just another lost soul and easy prey for The Dust Shades.

Now back here in boring old reality Josh and I are preparing for our FIRST COMIC CON! In the coming weeks, we will have a print version of Chapter One! So tell your friends, tell your Local Comic Shops...YOU CAN TAKE ATIL HOME WITH YOU!

Thanks for Reading and We'll See You in The Halls!


Chapter Two HAS BEGUN!

...and what a ride it has been. Thanks to all of you that have jumped on and those of you just joining us.  This has been a sorry excuse for a "Blog" or "News" but I promise I will check in once a week whether you like it or not. We have a lot of fun, scary and downright horrific things planned for Selim and The Crew. Over the next few weeks, we will introduce some new friends and foes for the Lost Little Ones. We are also working on cool ATIL swag, Patreon, and planning for the upcoming Comic Con season. Hopefully, we'll see you.

Talk to you next week!